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LiteStar One

LiteStar One

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The LiteStar One is the world's first commercially available drone developed specifically for advertising.  With the LiteStar One, you will be able to carry a large 10 foot x 10 foot programmable LED sign or a lightweight banner at altitudes up to 150 feet.  When this drone is in the air, it gets noticed! The best part is that the LiteStar One can fly for indefinite periods of time thanks to an ingenious tether power system. Battery life worries are a thing of the past!  

Display a custom message or graphic on the programmable LED sign for your clients and start collecting cash!  Advertising is one of the highest paying drone jobs available!

To operate your LiteStar One, remove the drone from the case and plug the power cord into any 110VAC outlet.  A power bank or generator will also do.  Attach the Banner or LED sign, program the LED sign message using the included app and then takeoff!  Landings  You're in the air and generating ad revenue as long as the client needs (or the power bank lasts).

The Starter Package includes everything you need to start your own drone advertising business including:

  • LiteStar One Drone
  • Controller
  • Drone case and power supply
  • Drone backup battery
  • Lightweight 150-foot tether
  • 10x10 foot programmable LED sign
  • Sign/Banner harnessing system

 Not included in The Starter Package but recommended are:

  • 500W Power Bank - for use when an outlet is not available.  It supplies about 1 hour of flight time.
  • 10x50 foot "ADVERTISE HERE" banner -For daytime use getting the word out in your area)
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