xCraft Hits 1,000,000 on StartEngine

xCraft Hits 1,000,000 on StartEngine

xCraft, “America’s Drone Company”, launched their StartEngine campaign in November of 2020 with the goal of raising $7 million.

Not even a year into the campaign, xCraft has exceeded $1,000,000 in funding, now boasting more than 4,000 shareholders from countries all around the world.

At xCraft, we partner with companies in defense, energy, security, public safety, and other industries to develop tailored applications that solve real world problems. Our unique patented technology is designed to outperform each and every competitor in the space.”

-J.D. Claridge, Founder and CEO, xCraft

As one of the few drone manufacturing companies on StartEngine, xCraft is no stranger to crowdfunding. xCraft successfully raised over $2.1M during their last two Reg CF campaigns, enabling them to develop three new game-changing drone systems for enterprise and military markets. 

The Future of xCraft

Future investments via StartEngine will enable xCraft to complete inventory and staffing goals while meeting year-end sales demands. With a $6M order in the pipeline, fulfilling construction surveillance industry orders has become a priority equal to launching new products and partnerships.

Priced at a $351.90 minimum investment, each investor receives 45 shares in xCraft, the drone company that will soon be tradeable on StartEngine Secondary.

VIP Investors can invest at higher financial increments and receive a lifetime 10% discount on all purchases through the xcraft.io website plus bonus shares options:

Rewards for VIP Investors

  • $1,000+ ~ Lifetime VIP Discount
  • Lifetime VIP discount of 10% on all purchases through the xcraft.io website *

  • $5,000+ ~ VIP + 5% Bonus Shares
  • Lifetime VIP discount of 10% on all purchases through the xcaft.io website * 5% Bonus Class B Shares. Maverick Drone. **

  • $10,000+ ~ Custom Drone + 10% Bonus Shares
  • Lifetime VIP discount of 10% on all purchases through the xcraft.io website.* 10% Bonus Class B Shares. Custom-designed Maverick Drone**

  • $25,000+ ~ Executive VIP + 15% Bonus Shares
  • Lifetime VIP discount of 10% on all purchases through the xcraft.io website.* 15% Bonus Class B Shares. Custom-designed Maverick Drone. ** Private zoom call with our chief executive officer and one or more of our high profile supporters.


    xCraft is more than a drone manufacturing company.  Made in America, xCraft drones are paving the way for incredible advancements in the billion dollar drone market.  With long term goals to bring their technology to air mobility industries, xCraft promises that flying cars aren’t as far away as one might think. StartEngine investors can proudly enter this market at its inception.

    Founder JD Claridge’s original vision was to see xCraft’s technology used to help move people and things efficiently and autonomously through the vast open airspace. StartEngine investors are helping this vision to be realized.  With their recent 1,000,000 funding milestone, xCraft is quite literally soaring into the future with unremitting innovation.




    You should read the Offering Circular: http://bit.ly/xcraftOC , Selected Risks: http://bit.ly/xcraftrisks - Reg A+ offering available through StartEngine Primary, LLC member FINRA/SIPC”

    This investment is speculative, illiquid, and involves a high degree of risk, including the possible loss of your entire investment.

    While the company has signed a quotation agreement to trade the securities offered on StartEngine Secondary’s new alternative trading system (the “ATS”), a company which intends to be quoted on the marketplace will be subject to certain requirements which the company may or may not be able to satisfy in a timely manner. Even if a company is qualified to quote its securities on the market, there is no guarantee an active trading market for the securities will ever develop, or if developed, be maintained. You should assume that you may not be able to liquidate your investment for some time or be able to pledge these shares as collateral.

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