xCraft technology focuses on extended range, speed, and ease of use. Our Hybrid VTOL (Vertical Takeoff and Landing) platforms provide the ability to analyze miles and miles of energy infrastructure at the touch of a button. Our platforms can be used for a single data collection mission, or be stationed in a port for repetitive missions where deployment isn’t reliant on a human operator. Our cutting edge technology offers solutions for gas line, oil pipeline, wind farm, and hydro electric supply inspection.


The technology behind crop management has evolved to estonishing heights. We now have sensors that can gather data regarding crop health, moisture content in the soil, insect infestations, early disease detection, etc. Agronomists all over the world are able to take this data and convert it into useful prescriptions for farmers. xCraft is committed to pushing the boundaries of agricultural data collection through it’s unique, long range VTOL UAVs. With the ability to take off and land at your feet, cover thousands of acres at a time, use several different sensors, and be operated fully autonomously, we believe our solutions are cutting edge.


xCraft strives in supporting the warfighter with low cost, rugged, and simple drone operation to successfully support a large spectrum of conflict. The warfighter can cover and support the following: (ISR) Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance. Target or Enemy Identification and Tracking. Counter-Explosive Hazards. Combat Support and Sustainment. In addition, secure a greater interoperability among system controls communications, data products, data links, and payloads/mission equipped packages on UAV.

Xcraft UAV capabilities and new development on technologies enable the warfighter to conduct missions more effectively with reduced risk. xCraft designs, implementation, and development on UAV can significantly augment the mission’s outcome. The reduction of casualties is our main focus, we have minimized the soldier’s workload, vulnerability, and exposure to the enemy.

Public Safety

xCraft is committed to providing state of the art technology to improve response times and safety of public safety incidents. Our current project, First iZ, is a custom first responder drone system that has been designed to autonomously deploy a drone to the scene of an incident ahead of first responders to gather valuable intel. This intel, sent in the form of video via a secure network, will be at the fingertips of the first responders while in route and in some cases, prior to leaving for the scene. The benefit of having this intel early will result in better decisions about scene safety, resource management, and plan of attack. In addition to video intel, the system will also be able to detect gas leaks, pinpoint fire locations, and recognize personnel locations while on scene.

Survey and Mapping

The geospatial industry is constantly looking for ways to improve data collection and accuracy. The addition of new UAV technology has become a mainstay factor adding speed of data collection and pinpoint accuracy. xCraft technology harnesses the advancements of data collection sensors and the GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) to deliver high quality mapping and surveying results. Our long range, fully autonomous UAV platforms are pushing the edge of UAV technology in the Surveying and Mapping industry.

Search and Rescue

Search and rescue operations can require vast amounts of resources and human participation. The goal is to ensure the safety and well being of others with response and recovery at the forefront. xCraft is committed to providing solutions for safety, response, and recovery with the development of a long range, easy to use, VTOL solution. Our cutting edge technology offers long range, autonomous flight, live video feed, and Artificial Intelligence to provide the most powerful solution for mission critical incidents.

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