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Passion combined with inspiration and a drive to succeed

A passion for flight and innovation has always driven our Co-Founder and CEO, JD Claridge. From an early age, he was building homemade hang gliders from bed sheets and scrap tubing. In 2005, he constructed a fully functional fixed-wing drone out of hobby parts and used it for filming real estate in his town. Something that was very novel for that time.  That passion is what drove him to build xCraft into what it is today, a company that develops powerful flying robots that change the world.

JD Claridge at xCraft

As “America’s Drone Company”, we see it as our mission to bring better, more efficient, life-saving solutions to the drone industry. 

We are proud to be a US company that designs and manufactures customized unmanned aerial systems (UAS) for enterprise and military markets. We partner with companies in defense, energy, security, public safety, and others to develop tailored applications that solve real-world problems.

A Shark Tank favorite with major media accolades

xCraft on Shark Tank

xCraft appeared on Shark Tank and was immediately approved by all five celebrity investors. Following our debut on the show, we were featured in multiple major press outlets including VentureBeat, Inc.com, Fortune, Business Insider, MarketWatch, USA Magazine, Fast Company and TechCrunch. 


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Technology built to solve the world’s toughest challenges

At xCraft, we have developed patented technologies to take the drone industry to new heights, improving safety, health and quality of life for people all over the world. xCraft’s unique drones are made with patented technologies designed to outperform each and every one of our competitors. These technologies, among others still in development, will be used in the Urban Air Mobility (UAM) market.




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